Former President Donald Trump lays out excellent plan to restore justice in America



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Trump posted a video today that lays out an excellent plan to restore justice in America.

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In the video Trump says he’s gonna appoint one hundred US Attorneys who will be the “most ferocious legal warriors against crime and communist corruption that this country has ever seen.”

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Trump also plans to completely overhaul the DOJ and FBI, and to launch civil rights investigations of “marxist local district attorneys.”

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This is really good stuff and I hope he can follow through with the plan. It didn’t go as well as planned during the first four years, but Trump is a lot smarter and has more experience when it comes to hiring good people and governing the country. Because of that I think he’d have a better chance at doing something profound like this if he becomes president again.

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I know that some of you think I’m anti-Trump, but I want you to know that’s simply not true. I’ve been a Trump supporter for a long time and acknowledge that he did many great things as president and could do more with another four years. If Trump would just stick to this kind of campaigning I would love it. I like this. What I don’t like is all the other stuff, which I’ve made well know and won’t go into here. But I encourage more of this, whether DeSantis runs or not.

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